L’Università degli Studi di Genova partecipa al progetto COMMIT.

COMMIT intends to increase commitment to the social dimension of higher education (HE) and support strategies for increasing attainment. The project builds on the work of a previous project – ALLUME* – which developed 3 self evaluation tools for universities to review their strategy for implementation of a comprehensive and coherent LLL university. COMMIT will

  • review those 3 tools, refining and adapting them and adding new features which take on board a wider and clearer idea of the social dimension of HE
  • design and develop a new tool for monitoring attainment in HE and integrate these tools in HEIs management systems
  • carry out an experts training event to prepare partners to visit and counsel other universities
  • use these 4 tools in 12 universities of 12 different countries to conduct a self evaluation, supported with documents, which will form the starting point for a collective learning process including a visit from one of the other partners
  • undertake a transversal analysis of the visit reports and the completed tools

The final phase of valorisation and exploitation will include: 12 national active learning workshops each hosted by one of the partners and an European event again with an active learning approach.